According to Orkut, a 100% cool, 90% trustable and 100% sexy guy. Nevertheless, as the verdict of a non-hyped social has reduced credibility, I prefer to define myself in the following way:
Hey! As you already know, I’m Walter Junior. I got 19 years old and I study Advertising at UMESP. Until some time ago, I’ve worked with art direction, design and webdevelopment, which are, nowadays, my ditched activities. Recently, I discovered a few passions: copywriting, social media and creative planning.
But let’s take the professional part aside. Do you wanna know what I like to do? Ok, that’s a very hard question, because what I really like to do is just break my routine with different stuff. However, I frequently use three words to abridge it: parties, music and girls.
Well, just guessing that I talk a lot, so, if you wanna know a lil’ bit more about me, hit the Contact button in the above menu and send your doubt, suggestion, pick-up line or whatever you want. Thanks! :D


Resourceful and versatile gen-Y digital enthusiast addict who is always looking to create meaningful impact by a strong believe in the intersection of technology, design and innovative ideas to solve real problems, build smarter businesses and create better experiences that truly enrich our lives. Passionate about bringing new solutions to market with a focus on building and strengthening partnerships. +6 years of internet/social media-related experience, with demonstrated track record for leading and delivering successful interactive strategies, cutting-edge business opportunities and product development initiatives to a wide range of top global brands, such as Johnnie Walker, L’Oréal Paris, Pepsi, Volvo, among many others.

· High-value global business network (from Fortune 500 tech companies to innovative and leading-edge web/social startups);
· Award-winning creative problem solver;
· User-focused instincts for product design;
· Eloquent communicator comfortable in front of anyone;
· Possessor of an instinctive eye for what’s next in the communications field;
· Technology savvy, with in-depth knowledge of current web trends and applications;
· Exceptional ability to thrive in a fast-paced, high growth and diverse environment;
· Organized and detail-oriented, able to manage multiple tasks and consistently meet critical deadlines.


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